End of Days

Single | 2022

Taken from upcoming album Be Yourself in 11 Easy Lessons

If something starts, must it also end? Do all things have to change? Are we really breaking up? Hallam London, slightly otherworldly, close to humanity but still not part of it, is asking difficult questions in this vigorous indie rock song. Does he know the answers? As contradictory as Hallam himself, End of Days is uplifting but also dark and aggressive. It’s a sunny afternoon in the park when the world happens to be ending.

The making of this video has been crowdfunded and further supported by the matching fund “Kreativ Booster” of “Wir gestalten Dresden (WGD) – Branchenverband der Dresdner Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft e. V.” and the Cultural Office of the City of Dresden.

The crowdfunders: Antje & Karen, Carola Söllner, Carolyn, Christiane Matthes (rota-orat-tora.de), die Susi, Eugen, Gary, Gudrun & Mattes, Henning, Ian, Jonathan, Judith & Christoph, Katzwinkel family, Nicola & Riklef, paula und Jens, Roland Altenburger (Musenstall5), Sophie Umlauft, Tamara und Helmut, Tomas, Uta … and many more!