Hallam London



On End Times Boulevard [Single]

Taken from upcoming album Be Yourself in 11 Easy Lessons


It’s the end of the universe, and two old lovers meet again after a very long time. And while everything is about to end they decide to get up on their feet “and dance while there is still some heat”.

Taken from upcoming album Be Yourself in 11 Easy Lessons

lyrics by Ian Badcoe

music by Hallam London

Hallam London – vocals, guitars, bass guitar

Ben Fuller – drums

Dave Sanderson – synths

produced, mixed, and mastered by Dave Sanderson

release: 22 January 2021

on 3f ° fortunefavoursfools records

Single Cover, Drawing: Floris Hansberg

Single Cover, Artwork: Hallam London


A song fit-to-burst with music ideas, this is a spectacular musical treat by Hallam London. There’s a bittersweet element to the song that keeps the listener on their toes and, combined with the entertaining music video, will stay in ones memory after watching or listening.

Pillar Artists Music Radar, 13 Feb 2021

On End Times Boulevard is definitely an indie rock song, but it also contains elements of post-punk and the 80s indie movement – it all makes for a very intriguing listen. The upbeat rhythm will get inside your head instantly, but we were particularly drawn to the anthemic chorus – the main refrain is very catchy, and will have listeners listening on repeat.

York Calling, 10 Feb 2021

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