Run for Your Life

Single | 2019

Stop Homophobia!

My anti-homophobia song Run For Your Life combines the British influenced indie rock of my upcoming album with synth-pop for the dancefloor. The song is a sarcastic take on the common homophobic claim that sharing rights means dividing them. I wrote it in anger after the umpteenth repeat of the perennial debate about marriage equality. Producer Dave Sanderson (Reverend and the Makers, 65daysofstatic) from Sheffield ingeniously unearthed the song’s musical essence as a danceable indie track.


“Run for Your Life” is an anti-homophobia synth-rocker from Hallam London […] Hallam’s anthemic vocal presence is evident from the get-go, delivering a melodic start. Driving guitars and punctuating synth additions lead toward the “run for your life” hook – Obscure Sound (17 May 2019)

What a great song. Hallam London has done it again, and this time he has an important subject to sing about. […] London has produced one of the best and most fun song about the problem. Dancing and singing together is often the solution, and London has created my favorite dance song of this year. Listen and you will be dancing in the streets. If this isn’t played at every gay pride everywhere this year, I will be surprised. I’m so full of pride right now. Thanks Hallam. – (27 May 2019)

Armed with a heavy dosage of sarcasm, Hallam London cuts homophobia claims on his latest release […] Cruising upon a reverbed vocal base before blossoming into a full disco, synth-pop dream, “Run For Your Life” enlists the freedom of dance to get the message out. […] – Girl Underground Music (28 May 2019)

We’re half-way into pride month and this seems like the perfect anthem. It’s an infectious tongue-in-cheek dance-rock track that mocks the homophobic idea of gays taking over (I love the lyric about the ‘rainbow-coloured laser sword’). – Music Related Junk (14 June 2019)