PANIK – Humans in Nature

Theatre Music | 2023

A play about mankind and nature by Carola Söllner

“PANIK - Humans in Nature” is about our relationship to nature. What do we really long for when we are outside, where is our emotional connection to this “outside” that is apparently so close to our “inside”? What do we need to change in order to find the feeling that releases our strongest force: Love?

The piece breaks out of linear thinking and wants to show people a way out of the feeling of alienation from nature and (back) to an existence that is also emotionally connected. Mere science is not enough to make people change their behaviour.

Sensual and tender, existential and ecstatic, Elna Lindgens and Hallam London approach each other as “human being” and “nature” and fascinate the audience with their touching performance.

PANIK on Carola Söllner’s Website