PANIK – Humans in Nature

Theatre Music | 2023

How to overcome mankind’s alienation from nature – a performance about fear and trust

Panic is a term currently associated with stress in civilized societies. Literally, it refers to the feeling that can overcome us in the wild. The Greek word originally describes the presence of the god Pan, ruler of the forests and the natural world. In moments such as these, we often experience a strong, undefinable terror. Will the power that confronts us embrace or annihilate us? Our relationship to nature is therefore affected by fear, which also dominates our behaviour in many other circumstances. The team of PANIK wants to find out if there’s a way to overcome today’s alienation from nature. Only if we break the borders created by binary thought patterns, we will be able to face challenges like climate change or social injustice. We need to see ourselves in the mirrors nature shows us.

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