Coming Soon … Be Yourself in 11 Easy Lessons

Produced by Dave Sanderson

After the release of my last album Not Afraid Of Greatness – Shakespeare’s Sonnets I started a most magnificent and fruitful songwriting collaboration with poet/lyricist Ian Badcoe from Sheffield who is not only a wonderful person to work with but has become a friend over the course of time.

In May 2018, with a total of 21 songs from that collaboration, I travelled to Ian’s home city to produce a new album with the fantastic producer Dave Sanderson (Reverend and the Makers, 65daysofstatic). Based on my demos we have recorded two magnificent drummers – Ben Fuller and Kris Tearson – on 5 songs each. We’ve added lots of ear candy and re-recorded the odd guitar and bass guitar. Along with the 2016 single To The Sky (one of the above-mentioned 21 songs by Ian and me) which Dave has brilliantly remixed that makes a total of 11 carefully selected songs!

I wrote some bits about my time in Sheffield on my blog!

The tracklisting will be:

  1. Walking To Alpha Centauri
  2. Identity
  3. Anger Bob
  4. Methodology Of Love
  5. On End Times Boulevard
  6. To The Sky
  7. Underpass
  8. Hey Changeling
  9. The Rain In Certain Car Parks
  10. End Of Days
  11. Empty Streets

As I am trying to find professional support for booking and album release and I’ll have to set up a new live band, I cannot tell yet when and how the album will be released. Why don’t you subscribe to my newsletter in order to stay updated?

For the time being, the demo versions might give you an idea of some of the songs. Their status, obviously, is from before I went to Sheffield – they have been growing tremendously by Dave Sanderson’s magic and the work of Ben and Kris.


“a new sound for a new generation” (audiofuzz.com on Identity)

(for the demos: all sounds by Hallam London, drums on To The Sky by Steppel Salewski)


Enlarge pictureThe Sheffield Album

The Sheffield Album